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[求助] children less subject to the point of torture

[求助] children less subject to the point of torture

哟后发了拉 | 显示全部楼层 发表于: 2012-11-24 23:33
哟后发了拉 发表于: 2012-11-24 23:33 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
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's mother with Dan Meng flew to Beijing to see a doctor. Zhang Qun, if not cure the disease, but also allows her lifetime to see a capital city. The University did not find a job to go to when the volunteers have done more than two years volunteers dreams do graduation a long-term public welfare volunteers Wang Yang Fuxin, Liaoning Province, is now home in Shenyang, the parents are secondary school teachers. This summer, he graduated from the Bohai University. Parents long ago urged him to find a stable job, like other graduates struggle for a better future. But the big boys had other ideas, he has done more than two years of volunteer biggest dream is to do a long-term volunteer public service. To this end, he and his parents quarrel took place. At 1 o'clock on August 23, after a trek of more than 10 hours, Wang Yang and other volunteers arrived in Aba Prefecture in Songpan County. He was not the first to Songpan. Volunteers shortlisted the final list is not yet out, he quietly came to Songpan County, to find the local Department of Education leadership interviews, to express the sincerity of their own come to support education. It is this effort, he was eventually subordinated long-cherished wish. In September, Wang Yang, is assigned to the first primary schools to Songpan County Commissioner responsible for the teaching of English in first and second grade. Day and the children stay together, this time is happy. Naive questioning actually so he did not know what to say, "Teacher, when I go back to school " The children do not know how serious the disease Oct. 25, Wang Yang learned that third-grade students Perfecting suffering from bone cancer, the urgent need surgery and chemotherapy to save her life. Perfecting the family poverty, unable to pay the high medical costs. The next day, the school organized for Perfecting the donation ceremony, while Wang Yang, ceremony but because overslept and failed to catch up. The next day, he invited the class teacher Dan Meng Zhang Guorong own Perfecting home. "Perfecting the home is not great, the room is very dark or light is not very good. Haggard look of her parents." Impression Meng Dan Wang Yang, the first time to go home. Fortunately, Dan Meng pretty good mental state. She sat on the bed, with Wang Yang,abercrombie, hello, round face broke into a naive smile: "Teacher, I can return to school " The children do not know how serious the disease. Wang Yang know what to say. Learn more he felt the body with 200 yuan, 200 yuan too lenient Wang Yang took out superimpose Zhang Qun. He felt that the component is too light, the light can not see any sense Zhang Qun Wang Yang tells the story of the family's poverty and helplessness,abercrombie. This is a family of four, the couple have two daughters in addition to Meng Dan, a 4-year-old daughter Meng cream. They are agricultural accounts, the home did not couples usually by doing odd jobs to maintain a household. Meng Dan's father early Meng intend to repair the home of rural housing, rent part out to support their family. Unexpectedly, falling from a height in the repair, resulting in a broken leg, has been hospitalized in Chengdu, shortly before returning home, and spent a lot of savings. Today, lap steel plate has not been dismantled, and no ability to work, home expenses thanks to Zhang Qun in brick kilns wage to maintain a monthly income of less than $ 700. "Leaky house seemingly endless rain in September, Dan Meng feeling leg abnormal pain. October 10, the Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, she was diagnosed with "conventional osteosarcoma, bone cancer. Wang Yang, quietly took out his body with 200 slips Zhang Qun. He felt that the component is too light, the light can not see any sense. Posted on the Internet do not want the child has been asleep,doudoune moncler, "such a good boy doll, ah ..." interview with reporters, Zhang Guorong 10 days after the phone sigh Meng Dan Wang Yang once again came home. Previously that bloom smile girl has been unable to sit. Perfecting lying in bed, in pain from time to time. Zhang Guorong, Zhang group accompanied her husband to the treatment of a leg injury in Chengdu, Meng Dan on a man to take care of my sister. Pigs, cooking, and everything to do. Perfecting class math team leader, no parents to take care of that time, she still insisted on homework every day. Went to school in the morning, but also carefully check the crew's job situation. "So naive doll ... an interview with reporters,louboutin pas cher, Zhang Guorong live phone sigh. Wang Yang Meng Dan looked at the bed hold back the pain to try not to scream, very hard to accept. Although he is not Dan Meng volunteer teacher, but he Perfecting as students. In his mind, Dan Meng and students should be run in the school playground, play games, participate in various activities, rather than lying in bed all day long. Wang Yang, the feel should Perfecting do something. Calling on local authorities, the certificates, and would like to apply for assistance to the Foundation, may delay did not get a reply. November 5, he made called "a branch of appeal letters to teach volunteers: please help my students," the post, hoping for Perfecting seek help. His love Taobao auction, set up a QQ group named Dan Meng backing group, hoping to raise more money. Users questioned still find inaccurate answers, "I feel the point of grievance is not important, the important thing is to save Dan Meng." At 12:47 on November 7th, a netizen in Shanghai for Perfecting the exchange to 500 yuan remittances. 13:05, Wang Yang, given the announcement online. 14:43, Jiangxi University of Finance and friends to remit 70 yuan, Wang Yang announced after 15 minutes ... the power of love, Wang Yang saw hope. Each received a sum of money, he as much as possible publicly available through the network for users check. Nevertheless, there is still a netizen questioned. November 9, users Naxi children questioned that the matter not be trusted and called friends of Wang Yang "human flesh search", and do not easily fooled. Wang Yang that the other rhetoric is extreme, could not help them to compete with each other. However, yesterday he was in accordance with the requirements of the other party, the related photos, including photos, one by one spread network. "I feel it does not matter to the point of grievance important save Meng Dan," said Wang Yang, more users or caring. User said, even if it is to be fooled, and do not want to lose the opportunity to help a child. These words Wang Yang greatly encouraged. Wang Yang also told reporters, many netizens commitment to donations, but did not remit money as promised. In fact, the same frustrations, Wang Yang is not the first time feel. To Songpan County Civil Affairs Bureau of the certificates, the Civil Administration had rejected Wang Yang. Pathology diagnostic report issued Meng Dan diagnostician Xu Gang said yesterday, indeed issued this report. The reporter contacted him before others have to verify the matter to him. Beijing kids take a look at the ticket money in the capital last savings of this home. I heard Zhang group that would like to take my daughter to go to the capital to see, Wang Yang, very sad afternoon, Wang Yang will be accompanied with Zhang Qun and Meng Dan went to Beijing for examination and treatment,mercurial vapor pas cher. "Perfecting the backing group" QQ group users say airline tickets are too expensive. Zhang Qun Wang Yang conveyed the meaning: "We want to go to Beijing and then to check, there is, after all, is the capital, perhaps better medical conditions, children less subject to the point of torture, even if the doll is really incurable, I still want to take her to the capital a look ... "group quieted. Wang Yang said the ticket money savings of this home. He had wanted to to persuade Zhang group not to go to Beijing, but heard she said she wanted to take my daughter to go to the capital to see, feel very sad. Just, Wang Yang relatives work in the Beijing Aerospace 731 Hospital, after, might be able to get more help. Reporter Shu Zhanghui Figure provided by Wang Yang ┃ the network voice ┃ questioned the users "Naxi children": the network still too many false things looked after, I still think that the loopholes. Please do not send money first, do not transfer money first! (On this matter, I still sympathize wanted to help!) The landlord has no ID card, also said that out of what, and where there is a coincidence, but also call to ask  Why use someone else's identity card to open an account, I do not believe the landlord who an account with a bank card no. Strongly demand that the landlord made up their own ID cards, posed for photos and the name of the school you support education as well as you and your colleagues, and your class photo, and you sit in the office room office photos. Require users first "human flesh" landlord, do not easily fooled, so much not my cold-blooded, but many deceivers ... support users love so _ni8: Unfortunately child, I sympathize, I really want to help him! Netizen "small Ben XC: My brother is 9 years old, is also a bone cancer, I was anxious to die. I recommend Shanghai Cancer Hospital, the children of the country of bone cancer treatment there, there are a lot, and my brother suffering from the same bone cancer the children.
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